The Apopka High School bowling teams were back in action on Wednesday September 10 at Colonial Lanes in Orlando against the Boone High School Braves and the Colonial High School Grenadiers.






The boys squad began the match strong with a 201 game which put them 16 pins ahead of the Braves but 12 pins behind the Grenadiers. They followed that game with a 176 which beat both Boone and Colonials second game but still left them trailing the Boone team. A strong 196 in the forth game left the boys with a strong lead over Colonial High School but only ahead of Boone High School by a single pin. Although the boys finished with strikes or spares in 80 percent of their frames, they fell to Boone 164 to 224 in the final game. The boys were led by David Dixon, Brian Beauchesne, and Dakota Smith who all had 90 percent strikes and spares in the match. Having beaten Colonial High School and fallen to a strong Boone High School squad, Apopka’s boys team now holds a record of 3-1 for the season.
The girls team was also in action on Wednesday at Colonial Lanes.

The girls struggled against the more experienced Boone and Colonial squads falling behind after the first game with a 114 to the Braves’ 146 and the Grenadiers’ 120 games. Although they continued to have problems in the second game, they followed with their match high game of 126 in the third which topped Boone’s third game score. The girls followed those games with a 111 and a 112 leaving them trailing their opponents at the completion of the match. The girls were led by Keely Butler who had 50 percent strikes and spares in the match and Michelle Boughan who had 40 percent. The girls are now 2-2 on the season.

Both the boys and girls squads will be back in action again on Monday at
5:15 p.m. at World Bowl against Oak Ridge High School.



“Boone has a very experienced team and their senior bowlers really came through for them on the last game. We have a young team and we have some work to do but I have confidence that the team will get stronger as the season continues” commented Coach Lanny Kampe

“I thought that the girls did well considering that for half of the team this is their first match away from our home bowling center and a change in the lanes can have a big impact. We are a very young and team and the girls were competing against teams with much experience. The girls did well and they didn’t give up which is the most important thing” said Coach Kim Kampe.