Cypress Creek Match

On Wednesday, October 17, the varsity teams traveled to Sky Bowl to face Cypress Creek.

The boys began their match with their high series of the season, 1057, behind high scores from James Morris (255) and Chris Zugelder (232). The series gave the boys a 219 pin edge that set the tone for the rest of the match. Although the total for the second game fell to 899 and the Darters lost a little of their lead, the score showed that the boys were determined to have a good match, with Josh Ramlal rolling a 225 and Brian Beauchesne rolling his second 200+ game. The team picked up the pace in the final game as Josh rolled his high game for the day (244) to guide the boys to a 921 total. The boys secured the victory with a 2877 to 2616 score.

Josh Ramlal had the high series with a 650, followed by Chris Zugelder with a 572. The boys record is 13-2 and 13-0 in the Metro.

Coach's Comments:

I was extremely pleased with the effort put forth by the boys today. All of our bowlers except one had at least one really good game. James and Josh each showed their determination and skill today with their high games. Their spirit in the first game spurred them on to high scores. If they can keep up their comraderie, they should do well at Districts in two weeks.

The girls faced a touch Cypress Creek team. The girls started with a 677 game behind Stephanie Baer’s 153, but it was not enough to match the Bears’ 741. The second game found some of the girls struggling with the changing lane conditions as the scores dropped slightly to 664, despite a 155 game from Ashley Preston. In the final game of the match, Kaitlyn Charters rolled her high game of the season (193) to pace the girls to a 680 score that matched Cypress Creek’s score. The girls team fell 2020 to 2172.

Ashley Preston had the high series for the Darters with a 430, followed by Penni Hilson with a 417. The girls are 10-5 for the season and 7-4 in the Metro.

Coach's Comments:

Although the girls were behind through all of the match, I was very proud of the perseverance they showed. The third game was their highest of the day, and I was very proud that they didn’t give up on themselves.

Wekiva Match

The Apopka High bowling teams ended the week with a return match against Wekiva High on October 18.

Josh Ramlal rolled a 217 in his first game to lead the boys to an 868 to 839 lead to begin the match. In the second game, Josh rolled a 224 and Jon Ladines added a 222 to give the boys a 925 game against Wekiva’s 900. In the final game of the match the Darters picked up their game with a 207 from James Morris and a 201 from Jon Ladines as the team rolled their high for the day of 943. The final score was 2736 to 2514.

Josh Ramlal had the high series with a 616 and the high game with a 224. Jon Ladines rolled a 560 series with high high game of 222.

Coach's Comments:

The boys had some internal issues in the first game that resulted in lower than normal scores. However, they worked out their problems to increase their scores in the final two games to keep their 900+ pace that we are striving for. Wekiva’s team rolled some nice games in the second match as three of their bowlers rolled over 190 to keep the pressure on us.

The girls began their match struggling to find their mark while Ashley Kleier (Wekiva) rolled a 189. The Darters fell to an early deficit, 604 to 724. During the second game of the match, the Lady Darters improved their game slightly and rolled a 634 against the Mustangs 630. By the third game, the Darters picked up their pace. Ashley Preston rolled a high 191 game with Kaitlyn Charters adding a 175 game. This gave the girls a 777 game against Wekiva’s 642, but it was not enough to take the victory as they fell to the Mustangs 2015 to 2046.

Ashley Preston had the high series for the Darters with a 483 as well as the high game. Penni Hilson added a 458 series to help secure the victory.

Coach's Comments:

Our girls bowled some really good individual games and improved their series with each game, but the large deficit after the first game was too much to overcome. In order to win, all of our girls must bowl well in all of the games, but we had too many low scores to compete successfully. Overall, I was pleased that we are maintaining 2000+ games, but we need to do more for districts next week.