The varsity boys began their final week of the season on Monday, October 22, against Circle Christian in an exciting show of bowling skill.

In the first game of the match, Jon Ladines rolled a 245 to lead the Darters to a 1001 series and a 151-pin lead over Circle. During the second game, four out of the five boys rolled 200+ games to post their high game of the season with a 1020. Although the total pins rolled in the final game fell, the Darters combined for a respectable 972, with Josh Ramlal rolling his high game of the afternoon with a 237. After the last ball was rolled, the Darters recorded their high series of the year, defeating Circle Christian 2993 to 2715.

Jon Ladines had the high series with a 681 and the high game of 245. Josh Ramlal rolled a 622 series, and Chris Zugelder rolled a 583.

Coach's Comments:

I was extremely proud of the way the boys hung together. The boys were having fun, encouraging each other, and it showed in their scores. Jon, who has been struggling recently, put it back together today and was just shy of a 700 series. I had hoped the team could secure their first 3000 series, but unfortunately they were just 7 pins short. Overall, it was an extremely successful and exciting day.



On Tuesday, October 23, all three teams had a second match against Colonial High School.

With a 221 game from Chris Zugelder, the boys began their final match of the regular season with a 940 to 840 lead over Colonial. With three bowlers rolling 200+ games, led by Jon Ladines’ 220, the team threw a 1008 series against the Grenadiers’ 783 in the second game to take a commanding lead. In the final game of the match, the Darters rolled a 957 to complete the victory with a 2905 to 2386 win over the Grenadiers.

Jon Ladines and Chris Zugelder tied for the high series with a 599, closely followed by Josh Ramlal with a 591 and James Morris with a 575. Jon Ladines had the high game with a 224.

Coach's Comments:

The boys have had an outstanding season and have begun to gel as a team. They have worked through their highs and lows and have learned the importance of supporting each other. It has been a great season, and I am extremely proud of their accomplishments.

The girls began their match against Colonial with two close games in which the Darters outscored the Grenadiers. In the first game, Ashley Preston led the team with a 190 game which helped give the Darters the early edge 717 to 695. However, the Grenadiers came back in the second game and outrolled the Darters 726 to 622. With Stephanie Baer’s 203 game and Penni Hilson’s 177, the Lady Darters took the final game 785 to 778, but it was not enough to overcome the deficit from game 2. The final score was 2124 to 2199.

Stephanie Baer had the high series with a 533 and her high game of the season, 203. Ashley Preston contributed a 466 series and Penni Hilson a 441 series.

Coach's Comments:

The girls have come a long way this season, with the majority of the team being beginners. I am proud of their accomplishments and improved skills and the way the team has worked together. With the majority of the team consisting of non-seniors, we should have the potential for a good team again next year.

The JV boys easily defeated Colonial 756-459 in a Baker match. The first game had the young Darters ahead 125 to 92. After a 169 second game, the Darters had built a 72-pin lead. They continued to increase their lead with each game, rolling 145, 171, and 146 games.

Jamal Carryl had the high percentage with 86% marks, including four strikes out of the seven frames he rolled.

Coach's Comments:

The boys bowled one of their best matches of the year to close the season. This should give them a positive outlook for the next year. If they continue to practice before next season, they should be able to improve their skills and scores.