Trinity Prep
Bishop Moore




On Tuesday, October 9, the Darters faced Boone High School at Wekiva Center and came away with two important victories.


The boys varsity began their match on the low side after rolling an 858 against Boone’s 893. With much determination, three of the Darter starters increased their scores to outroll Boone 915 to 865, giving them the edge going into the final game of the series. After a quick pep talk, the boys shot their high game for the year behind Jon Ladines’ 237 and Chris Zugelder’s 214. Their combined score was 1036 to Boone’s 914. The final score of the match was 2809 to 2672.

The high series was rolled by Josh Ramlal with a 591, closely followed by Jon Ladines with a 581. All five starters rolled over 530. The victory brought the boys record to 12-1 for the season.


This victory was especially important to the team. Last year’s match cost us the Metro. We could have had the championship, but had to share it. We were also outscored at the State Tournament last year by Boone, so this match had extra meaning to us. I was extremely pleased with the way the boys increased their scores on every game of the match and rolled a nice series.


As Boone’s girls had prior commitments, the girls had a two-game match. The girls began the match with a 634 to 606 lead and built on that margin. Stephanie Baer rolled a 186 in the second game to lead the Lady Darters to a 747 series against Boone’s 642. All girls rolled nice scores in the second game to pull out the victory 1381 to 1248.

Stephanie Baer had the high series with a 331 and the high game. Kaitlyn Charters had the second high series with a 288. The victory brought the girls record to 8-4.


I felt that the girls had a renewed focus and energy that has been missing for a number of weeks. If the girls continue to improve, I think that the remainder of the season could bring great success.


The boys JV team began the Baker match with a 148 to 123 lead, and kept the lead through the second game. In the third game, Boone rolled a 193 to take away the lead. Despite a nice 183 game, the deficit was too much as Boone secured the victory with another strong fifth game. The final score was 746 to 818.

Brian Beauchesne had the high mark percentage at 90%, which included seven strikes and two spares.


We bowled better than we have in the past, but it was no match for the strong display put on by Boone. We are still having issues with some bad balls that should not be occurring this late in the season.


On Wednesday, October 10, the girls team had a match against Trinity Prep. They rolled their highest series for the season to take home the victory. Apopka took an early lead 754 to 622 as Stephanie Baer rolled a 200 game and Kaitlyn Charters rolled a 183 game to begin the match. Although the scores dropped some in the second game to 640, each girl on the team rolled a nice game. After two games, the girls had built their lead 1394 to 1289. Stephanie found her mark back in the final game of the match as she rolled a 182 to lead the girls to a 714 total against Trinity’s 521. The final score of the match was 2108 to 1810.

Stephanie Baer had the high series with a 513, followed by Kaitlyn Charters with a 462.


I was very impressed by the girls’ performance today. I thought that all the girls bowled well, especially Steff with her 200 game and Kaitlyn with her 183 game. Both girls had their highest career games in today’s match, and I could not have been more proud. I hope that the girls’ focus this week continues until the end of the season.


On Thursday, October 11, the teams traveled to Aloma Bowl to compete against Bishop Moore.


The boys took an early lead in the first game as Josh Ramlal rolled a 233 game to lead the boys to a 943 game against Bishop Moore’s 886. The second game of the series found the Darters losing their lead and falling behind 1736 to 1764. Although the Darters outscored Bishop Moore in the third game of the match, it was not enough to regain the lead as they fell to the Hornets 2554 to 2564.

Josh Ramlal had the high series with a 539 and the high game with his 233. Jon Ladines rolled a 533 series.


I was disappointed in the way the boys bowled today in the second and third games. They rolled a real nice first game, and I had hopes that they would be able to keep up the scoring. However, as the lane conditions changed, we lost our edge and confidence.


The girls began their match with a 79 pin lead as Stephanie Baer rolled a 202 game and Penni Hilson rolled a 167 game to pace the Darters to a 764 game against Bishop Moore’s 645. Penni continued to bowl a nice game as she rolled a 181 in the second game to pace the Lady Darters to a 721 score and further increase the lead. Although the score for the series in the third game fell and the ladies lost some of their lead, they still rolled a very respectable 702. The final score of 2187 to 2095 gave the girls the victory.

Penni Hilson had the high series with a 515; Stephanie Baer had the high game with her 202. The victory increased the girls record to 9-4.


I was very impressed with the way the girls bowled today. It was by far the highest series the girls have bowled, and I couldn’t have been more proud of Steff’s career high 202 game. Today’s match was the perfect end to a very successful week for the team.