Colonial Match



On Tuesday, September 25, the Apopka teams took on Winter Park on their home lanes to finish the first half of the season.

The varsity boys began their match with a comfortable lead behind James Morris’ 213 game and Jon Ladines’ 215 game. At the end of game one, the Darters led 967 to 824. Despite three bowlers rolling over 200 and Morris’ high game of 224, the total pins in the second game fell to 959 against Winter Park’s 813. With the comfortable lead established, the boys relaxed and rolled an 896 series, with Shaun Barnett rolling the high game of 194, ending the match with a 2822 to 2459 victory.

Jon Ladines had the high series with a 604 and 87% marks, closely followed by James Morris with a 595 and 90% marks. The victory brings the boys record to 7-1 as they remain undefeated in the Metro.




With each match, I am challenging the boys to improve their final scores and bowl with consistency. We fell a little short of what I had hoped to reach, but I was satisfied that they came so close to reaching my expectations. I am still trying to give all bowlers a chance to participate, and each one has performed well when brought into the match.

The girls fell to a tough Winter Park team 1997 to 2208. The first two games had the Darters competing well against the Wildcats. In the first game of the match, Ashley Preston had her high game for the Darters with a 179 while Krystal Freeman contributed a 154 game. However, the total 716 pins fell short of Winter Park’s 752. The second game was also very close with the Darters rolling 668 to the Wildcats 697. The final game of the series allowed Winter Park to create a large deficit as two of their bowlers rolled high games, giving them a 759 to 613 advantage.

Krystal Freeman had the high series for the girls with a 450; Stephanie Baer rolled a 444 series. The girls record stands at 6-2; this was the first loss for the Lady Darters in the Metro.


Stephanie (Baer) and Krystal were able to keep consistently good scores through all three games, but the rest of the team struggled, especially in the final game when Winter Park began to make their marks. In order to win matches against more experienced squads, we will need to keep our composure and have a higher percentage and consistency in our bowling.

The boys JV team defeated Winter Park 619 to 541 in a Baker match. The boys, despite rolling low scores, outscored Winter Park in the first two games. The third game had the Darters throwing their highest game of the day and of the season, 176, that included 5 strikes. The lead that the Darters built was enough to carry them through the last two games in which Winter Park outscored them.

Eric Lotti had the high mark percentage with 60%. David Dixon had 50% marks, including four strikes out of the ten frames he bowled.


The boys JV team has not had much opportunity to compete this year. Most schools on our schedule do not have a JV team, which makes it hard for our boys to get the experience needed to keep up consistently good scores. I was pleased with their performance, considering their lack of competitive practice.



The Apopka High bowlers traveled to Semoran Lanes to take on the Colonial teams on Thursday, September 27.

The boys began the match with Josh Ramlal rolling a 230 game and Danny Jackson rolling a 222 game to take on an early lead of 997 to 915. During the second game of the match, both teams lost some of their momentum as the scores dropped with the Darters rolling an 870 series to the Grenadier’s 829. Colonial continued to see their scores drop in the final game, but Apopka raised their scores and rolled a 914 series to take the match. The final score was 2781 to 2525.

Danny Jackson had the high series with 602. Jon Ladines also had a nice series with a 594. The victory brings the boys record to 9-1.


Although we had an easy victory over a very competitive Colonial team, I was disappointed in the drop of scores from the first game to the second one. We need to have everyone stepping up their game in the entire match and not losing focus. We tend to let a few bad balls affect our game, causing more open frames. If we hope to compete in the tournaments coming up, we will need to have less open frames and better marks.

The girls team started their match 100 pins behind Colonial, despite a nice 157 game from Keely Butler. During the second game of the match, the Lady Darters picked up their game behind Penni Hilson’s 178 to lead the Grenadiers 720 to 716. However, the third game of the series found the Darters’ scores drop as they rolled a 613 series to the Grenadier’s 695. The final score was 1944 to 2122.

Penni Hilson had the high game with her 178 and the high series with a 428. Keely Butler had the second high series with 400. The girls record is 6-3.


Penni and Keely each rolled a nice game, but two games are not enough to win a match. The girls need to have more focus and higher scores in order to compete against the stronger teams that we will be facing in the future. I was disappointed in the low scores rolled by most of the team.

The boys JV had a close match, but came up short as they lost to Colonial 575 to 576. The Darters trailed the Grenadiers throughout the match, falling just short of taking the lead after the second game. Colonial rolled the high game for both teams in the third game of the series to take the lead that would be the deciding factor in the match.


We had trouble closing our frames throughout the series, with the highest percentage mark being 50%. When you do not have a solid performance from the bowlers, it is hard to win a match. We had too many open frames and poor first balls, especially following spares, to be successful.