The bowling teams began their third week of competition against strong Tavares teams on Monday, September 10.

The boys began their match with a decided advantage as Josh Ramlal and Danny Jackson rolled 210 games to take a 969 to 859 lead. Despite a 223 game by James Morris and a 203 game by Chris Zugelder, the boys found their lead had dwindled to less than 40 pins. With the final game, scores continued to fall as only Shaun Barnett was able to bowl a good game while Tavares found their mark and rolled four games over 200 to take the final game and the match as the Darters fell 2696 to 2886.

James Morris had the high game of 223 and high series at 564; Chris Zugleder rolled a 561 series. The boys’ record now stands at 4-1.



The lanes broke down rather quickly, and our boys did not adjust to the changing lane conditions. Tavares was able to adjust to the drier lanes as they turned in some really nice scores and rolled over 1000 in the final game. We just lost our focus and could not make our spares, causing us to lose our confidence and drive.


The girls also met a tough competitor in Tavares as they, too, lost their match 1979 to 2226. The girls played Tavares fairly close in the first game, falling behind only 30 pins against a more experienced team. Ashley Preston rolled a 167 game to pace the Lady Darters. During the second game, the Tavares Bulldogs pulled away as they picked up their pace with some nice scores. Stephanie Baer rolled the high game of the day for the Darters in the second game with a 175. Two of Tavares bowlers rolled over 200 in the final two games, securing the victory for the Bulldogs.

Ashley Preston had the high series of the day with 442, closely followed by Stephanie Baer at 437. The girls’ record for the season is 4-1.


Tavares has a nice girls team with some experienced bowlers who are very capable of scoring some high games. Our inexperience cost us the match. Our girls did a good job of bowling to their ability and above as we rolled consistently better individual scores and our highest series of the season so far, but we were no match for the talented Bulldogs.



On September 13, the Apopka boys varsity bowling team traveled to Sky Bowl to take on the Oak Ridge team in their first Baker match of the season. They took an early 40 pin lead as the Darters rolled a 206 in the first game that had only one open frame and six strikes. The second game found both teams increasing their scores as the Darters rolled their high game of the day with a 225 game with eight strikes and one open and increased the lead to 79 pins. With each game, the Darters increased their lead as they continued to roll nice scores.

The final score was 964 to 785. Jon Ladines led the boys with 100% marks; James Morris contributed to the victory with 90% marks.


The boys were disappointed when they found out that they would not be rolling a ten-pin match, but the match using the Baker system was good preparation for future matches as the District and State tournaments will incorporate some Baker games. The large lead the boys built early allowed all bowlers a chance to participate, but also cost us the 1000 series that the boys were hoping for. In order to be competitive, we will need to continue working on all bowlers closing their frames with either a strike or spare and keeping the scoring high in all games being rolled.