The Darters began their second week of competition with a match on Tuesday, September 4, against West Orange. Both teams maintained their undefeated season in a strong show of abilities.


The boys began the match with James Morris and Josh Ramlal rolling 200+ games to lead the Darters to a 932 series against West Orange’s 703. During the second game, Josh was joined by Jon Ladines in rolling 200+ games for a 917 team series, adding to the large lead they held over West Orange. In the final game, West Orange improved their games.

Both teams had three boys that rolled over 190, but the lead built by the Darters was too much to overcome as Apopka won the match by a score of 2779 to 2261. Josh Ramlal led the boys with a high game of 222 and the high series of 635.



I have been pushing the boys to maintain a 900 for each game of the match and was very pleased to see that they accomplished the goal I had set for them. We are still trying to put together our starting lineup, so the leads that they are achieving allows me to make substitutions and gives different bowlers a chance to participate.


The girls won their match 1805 to 1159. Although the Lady Darters technically won their game due to a forfeit as West Orange had only three bowlers, both coaches decided to hold the match as the experience for both teams was important for future competitions. The Darters began the match with some lower than normal scores from the starting five. However, the girls found their line in the second game of the match as Ashley Preston rolled an outstanding 221 game, with Keely Butler adding a 135 game. Their scores dropped some in the final game, but all had the opportunity to score at least one good game in the series.



Despite a slow start, Ashley was able to bowl a very nice second game. This allowed her young teammates the chance to see some nice bowling and gain some solidarity as a team.


The Apopka Darters bowling teams traveled to Sky Bowl to face Olympia High on Thursday, September 6. Both varsity teams secured victories, but the boys JV team suffered its first loss.


The boys team had a very close match, but were victorious as they increased their record to 4-0. The first game of the series had the Darters leading 866 to 835. The boys refocused for the second game and rolled their first 1000 series of the season as Jon Ladines threw ten strikes for a 266 game. For the final game, the boys were split up and lost some of their momentum, allowing Olympia to close the gap.

Jon Ladines had the high series for the Darters with a 693 score.



Two of Olympia’s boys benefited from the change as they were able to find their line and roll games over 220, while our boys struggled with the change. Jon had a major impact on the match with all of his games being over 200 while the rest of the team struggled with one high game and two lower-than-normal games. We need to keep working on our consistency as we face tougher opponents in the future.


The girls began the match with a 40 pin lead over Olympia as Ashley Preston rolled her high game of the day. The second game had Olympia picking up some of the deficit as they out scored the Darters. After refocusing, the Lady Darters picked up the pace as they rolled their high series of the day. The final score had Apopka on top 1723 to 1625.

Ashley Preston had the high series for the Lady Darters with a 396. The girls also remain undefeated with a 4-0 record.



The girls kept their focus throughout the match as they continue to improve on their skills. With Stephanie Baer out, the new bowlers had to pick up their game. This was their first match away from home. Although the scores were lower than they should have been, it was a good learning experience for them as they will need to learn to adjust to different lane conditions as we face opponents at their houses.

The boys JV team had their second match of the season but failed to secure the victory as they feel to Olympia 630 to 737. They began the match with a 40 pin deficit and continued to lose ground in the second game. The third game was the only game that the boys outrolled their opponent as they rolled a 186 game.

Brian Beauchesne and Jonathon Alsup had 60% percent marks as they led the team in mark percentage.


All of the boys are new to the team and are not used to competition on different lane conditions. They struggled to close their frames and get good pin count, causing low scores.