The varsity teams had their first match against Ocoee High on Tuesday, August 28, at the Wekiva Bowling Center. Both teams were victorious in their first match of the season.

James Morris rolled a 233 game and Josh Ramlal contributed a 203 in the first series as the team scored a nice 964 to take an early lead. Although the second and third games were much closer, the Darters continued to build on their early lead.

The final score of 2651 to 2421 demonstrated that the boys were definitely determined to continue their winning tradition. The high series, 554, was rolled by Josh Ramlal, as he led the team to its initial victory.



Four of the seven bowlers rolled 200+ games in the series, a very impressive statistic for the opening match of the season. Freshman Brian Beauchesne came in during the second game and threw a 213 game to help his teammates, earning him the right to stay in for the final game.


The girls team also defeated Ocoee 1467 to 1448. Both teams struggled to get the girls necessary to make a team and had to rely on some inexperienced bowlers in the early match of the season. The Lady Darters began the match falling behind the Knights by 53 pins, but made up the majority of the deficit in the second game when Ashley Preston rolled a 174 game.

The outcome of the match was not decided until the final ball was rolled and all individual games were added as it was very close until the end. Ashley Preston also had the high series for the day at 427.



I was very proud of how the girls handled the pressure after falling behind in the first game. As two of the girls had not participated in competition before, I felt they showed poise and determination.


The Apopka High bowling teams held their second match of the season at Wekiva Bowling Center against Wekiva High. Both Apopka teams secured victories for the day in closely contested matches.


James Morris led the boys team off to a good start as he rolled a 198 to begin the match. After the first game, the Darters led the series 917 to 799. Mike Stahlman for Wekiva bowled his high game for the day with a 208 in the first series. The second game showed Wekiva gaining momentum as they outrolled Apopka 857 to 811. The final game was very close, with only four pins separating the two teams.

The final score showed the Darters on top 2590 to 2522. Jon Ladines had the high series with a 601 and the high game of 212.




Our bowlers really struggled in the second and third games as Wekiva showed consistency and kept gaining confidence as they continued to improve their scores. If we expect to finish well in the Metro and District, we will need to have more consistently high scores from all of our bowlers.


The girls team also had a close match. Despite high scores from Ashley Preston and Stephanie Baer, the Lady Darters found themselves trailing Wekiva 653 to 683 after the first game. Ashley Kleier, Wekiva, led the pace with a 186 game, giving the Mustangs the early lead. In a battle between former teammates, Preston rolled a 184 in the second game to put the Darters ahead.

The final game secured the victory for the Darters with the final score being 1852 to 1794. Ashley Preston led Apopka with the high series of 514.


I was proud of the way the girls fought for the victory and maintained their composure, especially coming from behind to take the lead and maintain it. With one starter lost due to illness and another just coming back from illness, the girls were able to put it all together, stay focused, and secure the victory.