Week of October 17


The Apopka Darters bowling teams competed against Edgewater on Monday, October 17, at Wekiva Lanes and came away with three victories.

Before the season began, the varsity boys team made an agreement with Kyle Paxson to shave his hair if they won all their games until he returned to the team. Before the match, the members of all teams witnessed the event, then proceeded to their games against the Eagles. The boys varsity began their match 64 pins down after the first game. The second match showed the Darters improving their game and overtaking the Eagles. By the final game, they had won decisively by a score of 2897 to 2701, improving their record to 14-0.The high scores were rolled by Kyle Paxson with a 661 series and a 242 game. Cory Mullica also bowled well with a 584 series.

The varsity girls began their match on top for the first two games, but lost momentum in the final game as Edgewater began improving their scores. The first game showed the Darters ahead by 26 pins, and then gained another 17 pins the second game. However, the Eagles outbowled the Darters by 110 pins, giving them the victory. Ashley Preston bowled the high series with a 504 and the high game of 195. Jennifer Beisheim came in a close second with a score of 500, including a 183 and a 178 game. Catrina Cruger also bowled a nice 192 game.

The boys junior varsity team overcame the Eagles 833 to 694. They began the match with only a 14 pin lead, but that lead quickly grew after the second game with a nice 181 score. Each game showed the young team maintaining their momentum and out scoring Edgewater in each game. Shaun Barnette had the high percentage at 90, with Justin Bacon rolling a nice 80%.

The girls junior varsity also defeated Edgewater 545 to 449, maintaining their perfect season. The girls began their match with a 34 pin lead and continued to increase their lead through the first three games. The Eagles began cutting into the lead during the third and fourth game as the young Darters started to lose their edge. Sara Hohmeister had the high percentage, making 60% marks, while Stephanie Baer pulled in 40%.

Coaches Comments:

Boys Varsity: I was quite pleased that they were able to pull themselves together and continue their winning, especially against a tough team like Edgewater. Charles Morris came into the final game and bowled an impressive 225 game to help secure the victory. Most boys seemed to improve as the match progressed. This proved to be one of their highest scores of the season.

Girls Varsity: The girls really had a chance to win this match, but seemed to fall apart in the last game. They started missing their spares, and Edgewater maintained a consistent scoring, which made the difference in the match.

Boys JV: Our boys were able to pick up their spares as well as making some strikes to give us the edge that we needed to win. The boys pulled together as a team, with each bowler showing over 50 percent marks.

Girls JV: The young girls have come a long way this year and have shown the determination to improve their games and ability to compete. Stephanie and Sara have proven to be real leaders for the team.


Dr. Phillips

The AHS bowling varsity teams successfully completed their Metro competition with a match against Dr. Phillips on Thursday, October 20, at World Bowl.

The boys varsity began the match struggling to completely figure out the lane conditions. Cory Mullica, with a 206 game, helped pull the Darters to an 88 pin lead. The second game proved to be the turning point for the team as they shot a 1055 series, their high series for the year, with three bowlers rolling games over 200. They rolled a 1013 in the final game to give them their highest total for the season. The final score was 2955-2345, increasing their record to 15-0. Three Darters rolled impressive 600 series: Aaron Scheer with a 629 series and high game of 256, Kyle Paxson with a 623 series, and Cory Mullica with a 622 series.

The girls varsity defeated Dr. Phillips 2173 to 2078, increasing their record to 11-4. They first game showed the Darters ahead by 25 pins with consistent scores from most of the starters. Each game showed improvement in the totals, as they continued to build their lead. During the final game, Marie Kaleel bowled an impressive 190 game, and Ashley Preston bowled a 193, her second 190+ game during competition for the week. Ashley Preston had the high series with 475 followed by Amy Seay with 421.

Coach's Comments:

Boy's Varsity: The boys really got their momentum going after the first game when they started making their marks and shooting some high scores. They were determined to roll a second 1000+ in the final game, an accomplishment that eluded them all season. Their competitive edge was really up and their games improved as Dr. Phillips’ scores dropped with each game.

Girl's Varsity: Unlike the boys, Dr. Phillips’ girls continued to improve with each game. However, our girls met their challenge and bowled some nice games. Having bowled DP before and knowing the competition, we were able to use two of our JV girls to give them some experience.


Week 8