Week of October 3


The Darters bowling team met the Olympia team on Monday for the second game for the Metro crown and came away with three victories.

The boys varsity team began the match against a fired-up team that began their match with a string of strikes, while the Darters were pulling down their spares. The Darters continued to make marks, including some strikes, to pull out a 909 series and a 53 pin lead. The boys continued to build their lead in the second game, but fell 20 pins short in the final game. After the final ball was thrown, the Darters pulled out a 2536 to 2395 win, upping their record to 10-0. Andrew Calvache had the high series at 550 as well as the high game at 205. Aaron Scheer came in at a close second with a 530 series and very consistent scoring.

The girls team defeated Olympia 2045-1918, increasing their record to 7 wins and 3 losses. The girls team also started with a large lead, scoring 729 to Olympia’s 572. The second and third games were much closer, with the Olympia team cutting down on the lead that was built in the first game. The Lady Darters struggled in the second game, seeing their scores drop by over 100 pins as they seemed to lose some of their power. However, the third game showed that they were determined to pull it back together as they bowled another game over 700. The high bowler for the girls was Ashley Preston with a nice 179 game and 453 series. Jennifer Beisham, with a 179 game also, had the second high series with a 443.

The boys JV team had a very nice game with consistent scoring to increase their record and win 785 to 626. Their first game, a 171, was their high for the day to give them a 34 pin cushion to start the match. Each game allowed them to increase their lead as they outscored Olympia with every game. Chris McCartney had the high marks with 90%, including 2 strikes and 7 spares. Shaun Barnette also had a very good day with 80% marks, including 8 strikes. All but one of the bowlers had 50% marks or better, proving that they were out to win this match.

Coaches Comments:

Boy's Varsity: Our boys knew that Olympia was coming to our house to win and have been preparing for this match. They proved in the first game how important it was to make marks, even if they weren’t strikes, in order to pull ahead and win. Although the scores fell with each game, they proved that they wanted to continue their winning streak.

Girl's Varsity: Most of the girls were scoring well in the first game, with Kelly (Ansell) and Ashley (Preston) having really nice games. Ashley was the only one in the second game who seemed to be able to keep up her scores, but the rest of the team raised their scores in the final game. Stephanie Baer and Marie Kaleel did a good job coming in as subs to help raise the scores.

Boy's JV: Our boys were ready to bowl and overpowered Olympia from the very beginning. Olympia has a young JV team, and our boys showed their poise and confidence with each ball.


Both boys teams had a successful day as they defeated Ocoee in matches held at the Wekiva Bowling Center on Thursday. The girls teams had a day off as Ocoee does not have a girl’s team.

The boys varsity continued to maintain their no-loss season by outbowling Ocoee 2827 to 2118, increasing their record to 11-0 and 3-0 in the Metro race. The boys maintained a 900+ game throughout the match. Each game showed the Darters gaining a larger lead on the young Ocoee team. Andrew Calvache had a very successful day, bowling a 677 series and a high 258 game, his best series this season. This was his high series for the season, falling only 1 pin shy of Aaron Scheer’s high series, who also had a nice 583 series for the day.

The boys jv squad kept the match close until the final game. The first game of the series showed a 21 pin advantage with scores of 135-114. The second game showed Ocoee gaining momentum and picking up 16 of the 21 pin difference. However, the young Darters continued to pound the boards and build their lead, finishing the day with a 721-634 victory, increasing their record to 8-2 for the season. Chris McCartney and Shaun Barnette had 70%, with Chris leading the striking with 5 strikes. Keegan Matthews entered the match in the third game and bowled 4 strikes in his 6 frames of competition.

Coaches Comments:

Boy's Varsity: I challenged my bowlers to compete against each other in an effort to raise their confidence and ability to compete when it comes time for the District Tournament. They need to keep their momentum going through all three games, which will prove crucial to the upcoming tournaments. The boys rose to the challenge and bowled some really nice scores. All team members were able to pull in averages in the upper 160s to over 200.

Boy's JV: Chris McCartney took over the anchor position today as he has improved his game and showed that he was ready for the challenge. He took the challenge and helped secure the victory for the team. All members seemed to step up for this match and bowled with consistency. They were more focused and were better able to concentrate on making marks.