Week of September 26

West Orange Match


The varsity bowling teams met Dr. Phillips at Wekiva Bowling Center Tuesday for the final match of the first round, with both teams outbowling their opponents 2691 to 2350 and increasing their winning records. The boys varsity team began the match with a 119 pin margin. The second game proved to be a closer match, with Chris Hasty of Dr. Phillips bowling a nice 259 game, and Mitch Schilling and Cory Mullica also having games over 200. The final game showed the boys gaining momentum as they combined for a nice 956 game, with Cory and Mitch again bowling over 200 each. Cory Mullica led the team with a 622 series that included a 215 and a 216 game; Mitch Schilling, who struggled in the first game, ended with a 586 series and a 233 and 208 game.

The girls also easily won their match, bowling 1850 to Dr. Phillips’ 1769. They started out with an 86 pin lead, scoring 691 to DPs 605. The second match, as with the boys, proved to be much closer as they increased their lead by only 27 pins. Substitutions were made for the final match, giving Stephanie Baer and Holly Halsey some varsity playing time. Amy Seay led the girls with a 418 series, followed closely by Ashley Preston with 408. Ashley had the high game with a score of 159 in her first game.

The JV bowlers did not compete, giving them an extra day for practice.

Coaches Comments:

Boy's Varsity: The boys took a little time to get the momentum going and substitutions had to be made for the low bowlers, as they just couldn’t find their game during the match. Jon Ladines came into the final game to help boost the scores with a 189 game.

Girl's Varsity: The substitutions almost proved to be the team’s downfall as Valarie Harkness turned in a nice 179 game, but luckily we had built enough of a lead and some of their bowlers seemed to lose some of their momentum, allowing us to maintain our lead.


All Apopka High School bowling teams had a match on Thursday, September 29, against West Orange. The matches were very exciting, with strong competition against one of the major teams on the west side of the Metro. This match marked the beginning of the second round and the first match that will count towards the Metro tournament and title.

The boys varsity bowled their way to another victory by defeating West Orange 2772 to 2665, increasing their record to 9 wins and no losses. The first match was very close, with the Darters behind by four pins. However, the second game allowed them to build a 100 pin lead and a margin that allowed them to insure the victory. Mitchel Schilling had the high series by bowling consistently over 200. His high game was 218, and his series totaled 625. Andrew Calvache also had a very good day with a 602 series and the high game for the Darters at 242. Cory Mullica struggled during the first game, but found his mark by the end of the first game and ended with a 550, including a 222 game to end the day.

The girls varsity lost to a tough West Orange team, 2033 to 2380. The Warriors took a commanding lead after the first game by bowling an 800 series, and added to their lead with each game. Jennifer Beisheim had the high series with 455 and a nice 179 game. Amy Seay contributed with a 448 series, and Catrina Cruger had a 420 series. Their record now stands and 6 wins and 3 losses.

The boys JV team also had a disappointing day, losing 708 to 814. Each game showed the young Darters gaining momentum and narrowing the gap until the final game. Shaun Barnette led the team with 80 percent marks. Chris McCartney and Shaun were the only two bowlers that stayed in the match for all five games.

The girls JV remained undefeated by winning 645 to 426. The young Lady Darters began the match with a 43 pin lead and continued to build on that lead with each game. The fourth game included a string of four strikes and a total pinfall of 166 pins. Sara Hohmeister led the team with 60% marks. Darrah Phillips and Katrina Badorrek contributed with 50% marks.

Coaches Comments:

Boy's Varsity: The boys were really pumped up for this match. They realized the importance of teamwork and beginning the second round with a major victory over their rivals. They never lost focus and showed their determination to keep their winning streak alive.

Girl's Varsity. Two of our starters had major problems with the lane conditions and could not get their game going against the talented West Orange team. Each girl seemed to have their share of bad luck on the lanes, lending to the lower-than-normal scoring for the team.

Boy's JV: Our young bowlers also had problems with the condition of the approach and the oil pattern. It looked like we had a change to pull out the victory, but couldn’t make up the deficit in total pinfall.

Girl's JV: