Week of September 19

Edgewater Match


The Apopka varsity bowling teams continued their winning streak by defeating Evans Monday afternoon (September 19). The boys team was led by three strong bowlers who scored within 3 points of each other. Cory Mullica led with a nice 588 series, including a 235 game; Jon Ladines also scored a 235 and had the second high series with 587; Andrew Calvache finished off the trio with a fine 585 series and very consistent scoring. The final score was 2645 to 1715.

The girls outscored Evans 2026 to 504. The Evans team began the match with the disadvantage of having only four bowlers due to other commitments by their team members. The final game was played with only two of the Evans bowlers remaining. Amy Seay turned in the high game with a nice 165 in her third game of the series. She came within one pin of the lead, but Ashley Preston snatched that with a 426 series.

Coaches Comments:

Boy's Varsity: Two of the normal starters had some fine games, and Jon Ladines bowled two really nice games, but lost his line in his third game. Aside from the three high bowlers, the rest of the team struggled with their game and just did not bowl up to what they are capable of. It is real hard for them to stay focused when they have built a commanding lead (342 pins) so early in the match.

Girl's Varsity: As with the boys, the girls lacked the real fire power that they should be working toward. This is the second consecutive match that they have had where they bowled against an incomplete team, as well as a team that is built on beginning bowlers. Although it is nice to have the win, the girls really need to face more competition to prepare them for the matches that really matter.


The Apopka Darters bowling teams competed against their rival team, Edgewater, Thursday, September 22, and came away with mixed results – two wins and two losses. The boys varsity continued to win and increase their record to 7-0 with a 2536 to 2369 victory. They began the match with a 84 pin lead, bowling a total 864 in the first game. Aaron Scheer, with high series for the day of 578, led the team with a 213 game. Charles Morris also helped build the lead with a nice 189 game. The boys continued to build their lead by outbowling the Eagles in each game.

The girls varsity lost to the undefeated Eagles 2228 to 2085. Ashley Preston had the high game with a 165 in her first game to contribute to the total 713 pins. Kelly Ansell contributed with 160 pins. The second game showed a slight rise in scores, but lost some ground that could have been overcome by a lower than normal score from one of the girls. Catrina Cruger had the high series with 442 pins, followed closely by Kelly Ansell with 434.

The boys JV also had problems adjusting during the opening game, but started to pick up momentum as the match continued. The lead switched back and forth with each game, but the Eagles bowled a 186 final game to pull out the win, defeating the JV Darters 700 to 690. Shaun Barnette bowled 80% marks with 3 strikes and 5 spares; Chris Zugelder, bowling the entire match, had 50% marks. Daniel Mimm contributed with 67% marks after entering the third game. This was the first loss for the young bowlers.

The girls JV added to their win record by defeating Edgewater 575 to 516. The girls took an early lead by bowling 137 to the Eagles 92. The only game that they were behind on was the final game, but by then they had built a large enough lead to secure the win. Katrina Badorrek and Sara Hohmeister led the team with 60% marks. Stephanie Baer also contributed to the victory with 50% marks. The girls, who are seeing limited competition on this side of the county, remain undefeated.

Coaches Comments:

Boy's Varsity: Our boys, as well as Edgewater’s, seemed to have trouble with the oil pattern on the lanes. We seemed to have the pattern figured out and make the adjustment, but just couldn’t keep it up. We practice on dry lanes, so when we need to bowl on oil, we just aren’t prepared. Although we won by a nice margin, we bowled the lowest series of the year. We will need to start picking up our game if we want to make it to the state tournament.

Girl's Varsity: We played them close all three games, but just couldn’t get the momentum going to overtake them. Edgewater had some good bowlers, which helped them keep their lead going and building. As with the boys, we showed some inconsistent bowling from some of our starters, and the girls also had trouble bowling on the oil pattern. The girls need to work on keeping consistent scoring through all three games, but some of the girls seem to have trouble and have a bad game along the way.

Boy's JV: The inexperience of our young bowlers showed during this match. They were unable to maintain their lead, resulting in the loss. Part of the problem, too, was the substitutions that were made to allow all bowlers to participate, especially since we don’t have many matches for our bowlers.

Girl's JV: The girls bowled extremely well today, considering that we had no subs available. Stephanie’s leadership as the only returning member was a major asset in securing the victory.