Week of September 12

Jones Match


The Apopka bowlers began their second week of competition with a match against a young Ocoee team. The girls team did not have a match, so they won by forfeit.

The Varsity boys won by a score of 2786 to 2182. They began the match with a nice 954 game. The second game saw a decline in scores, but they rallied in the third game to bowl 950. Mitch Schilling had the high series with a nice 603 total. Cory Mullica also turned in some nice scores with a 590 series. Brad Preston, with his first varsity start, bowled all three games of the match and proved he was varsity material with a 181 game to start and a very nice 221 second game. Also bowling for the Varsity team were Andrew Calvache, Aaron Scheer, James Morris, and Jon Ladines.

The JV boys also won their match with a 645 to 489 score. All eligible JV boys had a chance to participate and gain some experience. The younger boys did not bowl up to their potential and bowl any really high games as they did last week, but they managed to pull out an easy victory. Chris Zugelder had the highest mark at 60%, with the other four starters (David Parker, Justin, Bacon, Ian O'Neill, and Shaun Barnett) bowled 50% marks.

Coaches Comments:

Boy's Varsity: The strong lead that we built in the first game allowed me to make substitutions and give experience to the younger bowlers. The Ocoee team is very young and show potential to become very good bowlers.

Boy's JV: Our boys did not bowl as good as I have seen them bowl in both practice and in previous matches, but they managed to pull out an easy victory against a new, inexperienced team. We need to improve our mark's percentages in order to compete against stronger teams.




The Apopka varsity bowlers traveled to Sky Bowl for a match against Jones. They secured an easy victory against an inexperienced team, winning by a score of 2662 to 1538. The boys were lead by a couple of nice games from both Andrew Calvache and Mitch Schilling. After building a very comfortable lead in the first two games, substitutions were made, allowing Shaun Barnette and Chris Zugelder to bowl in their first varsity game.

The varsity girls won by default. Jones had only four girls, who were new to the game and had not had time to practice. Only two games were played due to time constraints. Jen Beisham had the high scores for Apopka. Sara Hohmeister and Loren Margiotta did a nice job of filling in for the varsity players who could not make the match.

Coaches Comments:

Boy's Varsity: Our boys lacked some of the fire and sharp edge that they have shown in previous matches. They had trouble finding their rhythm at the beginning of the match and had trouble making their marks, but began to bowl better towards the middle of the first game.

Girl's Varsity: Again, bowling against a very inexperienced team, we were able to allow our JV girls a chance to bowl in a varsity position. As with the boys, our girls also did not perform as well as they have in the past, partly due to the lack of competition and partly because of the lane conditions.