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The varsity boys and girls had their first match on Tuesday against Trinity Prep. Both teams came away with a victory and showed promise for a good season.

The boys easily won their match by a score of 2772 to 2189. They outshot Trinity by a score of 929 to 739 for the first game, and continued bowling well through all three games, maintaining a score of over 900 for all three games. Andrew Calvache had the high score for the day with a nice 661 series, bowling a 237 for his high game. Cory Mullica also had a nice 620 series. Also bowling for the boys were Mitchel Schilling, James Morris, Jon Ladines, and Bradley Preston.

The girls also had a successful series and won their match 2166 to 1840. Jennifer Beisham led the team with a nice 493 series and a high game of 184. Ashley Preston, seeing her first action as a varsity starter, also had a very good day with a 482 series and a high game of 181. Catrina Cruger, Amy Seay, and Kelly Ansell helped the Lady Darters secure the victory. Sara Hohmeister and Darrah Phillips got a chance to bowl in the final game.

Coaches' Comments:

Boy's Varsity: Andrew and Cory were very consistent with their scores, giving Apopka the easy victory. Some of the boys struggled with the oil and could not score as well as they have shown during practice. However, if they can continue to score well throughout the season and maintain consistent scores, the team will do very well.

Girl's Varsity: I was very proud of our girls and the job they did. They rolled some nice games to begin the match with a comfortable lead and added to that lead with each game. This gave me a chance to put in some of the JV girls and give them some experience bowling in a match.


The Varsity and JV girls and boys teams competed against West Orange on Wednesday at Wekiva Lanes. The Varsity boys won by a score of 2908 to 2666. Although the first game of the match was very close (938-911), the remaining two games allowed Apopka to extend their lead and win by a comfortable margin. Aaron Scheer led the boys with a 668 series, including a very nice 275 game. Mitchel Schilling and Cory Mullica bowled nice games, with averages well into the 190s.

The Varsity girls struggled with their game and were defeated 2003 to 2368. The leading scorer for the ladies was Catrina Cruger with a 423 series. Kelly Ansell bowled a nice 421 series and proved that she wanted to do what she could to help the team.

The JV teams are bowling the Baker system this year, and the teams proved that they could work together to pull out victories for both teams. The boys started out with a very respectable 212 game and proved that they were ready to compete. Justin Bacon had an outstanding day with 100% marks, including 8 strikes. The boys won by a score of 821 to 765.

The JV girls also pulled out a victory, winning 560 to 519. Jolene Krause and Sara Hohmeister both turned in 50% marks, each with 3 strikes and 2 spares.

Coaches' Comments:

Boys Varsity: They started out with modest scores in the first game, but really turned it on in the second game and continued to turn in nice scores for the final game. They are working well together, supporting each other, especially if they have a few bad breaks. This helps them to improve their games and their overall scores.

Girls Varsity: We just couldn’t seem to find the line. They had some lower than normal scores during the first game, came back some in the second, but again faltered in the last game. West Orange had some good bowlers who turned in some high scores, including a 219 by Megan Couch. That was more than our girls could overcome.

Boys JV: Considering that we had very little time to work with our younger bowlers to teach them a new system, we were quite pleased with their performance. West Orange met the challenge and bowled a 210 for the second game, but our boys fought back and continued to increase the lead and seal the victory.

Girls JV: The girls played a close match, winning the first game by only 10 pins, lost the lead after the fourth game, but pulled out a big game at the end to manage the win.


The Apopka bowling teams completed their third match of the week against Olympia on an away trip to Sky Bowl on Thursday. Both varsity teams and the boys JV team saw action against a competitive group of bowlers and scored well to secure the victories.

The boys varsity team began the match by showing they were ready to compete. They scored a 932 against Olympia’s 892, improving their record to 3-0. Although two of Olympia’s bowlers shot over 219, Apopka’s overall scores gave them the edge after the first game. The second game was much closer, with Apopka gaining only 15 points. Although the average score of the Darters dropped in the third game, Olympia’s bowlers fell even lower. The leading scorer for Apopka was Cory Mullica, with a very nice 605 series and a high 223 game. Mitch Schilling and Charles Morris competed in all three games, while substitutions were made for two of the starters who struggled with the difficult lane conditions.

The girls varsity also had a successful day and won their match 2118 to 2000. Their first two games were very close with a 692-680 and a 673-677 score.Jen Beisham, with a 499 series, and Ashley Preston, with a 481 series and high game of 182, were the high bowlers. Stephanie Baer came into the last game of the series and bowled a nice 132 game in her first Varsity match of the year. The girls’ record now stands at 2-1.

The boys JV team continued the victories for the week and day by outscoring Olympia 712 to 537 and increasing their record to 2-0. The first match seemed to be difficult for both teams, as Apopka bowled 105 against Olympia’s 89. The Darters found their marks and began bowling much better, with scores of 148, 133, 150 and a nice 176 to end the match. High mark percentages were shared by Shaun Barnette and Chris Zugelder, with 70% marks. Both boys had 4 strikes and 3 spares to help secure the victory for the team.

Coaches' Comments:

Boys Varsity: Olympia's team just seemed to run out of speed, as did most of our bowlers. Our boys seemed to be feeling the effects of playing three tough matches in a row and started to lose their power and edge in the third game.

Girls Varsity: After the first two matches, we were only ahead by 8 pins. With a couple of substitutions in the final match, the girls pulled it together and increased their lead by 100 pins. After the struggles from Wednesday, it was nice to see that they had regained their confidence and bowled well against Olympia.

Boys JV: Each game seemed to go smoother, with the team making better marks and more pins as they adjusted to the conditions of the lanes. They have proven that they want to win and are working well together.


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