Metro Finals

November 2

This year Orange County (Metro) was divided in half, with each side bowling only those schools from their half during the regular season. On Wednesday, November 2, all Orange County schools met at Boardwalk Bowling Center in east Orlando to bowl two games against the team who had the same finish position on the opposite side.

The boys began their match in a fierce battle against their rivals on the east side, Timber Creek. After the first game, with Cory Mullica and Andrew Calvache rolling 200+ games, the Darters had a 28-pin lead, outbowling Timber Creek 990 to 962. During the second game, the rest of the Darters (Mitchel Schilling, Aaron Scheer, and Kyle Paxson) contributed 200+ games, with the team rolling a 1019 against Timber Creek’s 941 game. “The boys were looking forward to this matchup against Timber Creek. I was pleased that all boys were able to get in a good game and keep the momentum going. They had a slight slump in the second game, but pulled themselves out of it to string together some strikes and really increase their totals,” said Coach Kampe. The victory (2009-1903) secured the #1 position in the Metro. Kyle Paxson had the high series of 441 as well as the high game of 256.

The Lady Darters were pitted against a tough University squad, who have been bowling some nice series throughout the season. The first game was fairly close, with University bowling 771 to the Darters 719. The game was very close until the final frames when two of the University girls began hitting strikes and ended up with games over 200. The Darters regained their composure in the second game and increased their pin count (752), as did University (790). "During the first game, the girls seemed to struggle with the lane conditions and began to lose confidence. However, they turned themselves around in the second game, improving both their attitude and their scores. I was proud of the way they competed against the high-scoring University team," said Coach Kampe. The final score was 1471 to 1561. The Lady Darters ended the season in 6th place in the Metro. Catrina Cruger had the high series with a 332 and a high game of 175.